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“It's time to stand up - not to cheer, but to fight back.”
--Senator Russ Feingold, On Executive Power. (Daily Kos, 2006-02-02)

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Feingold and the Last ACLU Scorecard

The ACLU Scorecard for the 108th Congress is up and has some interesting points.

Among all Senators, Russ Feingold (89%) is in a three-way tie for second behind John Kerry (100%). This number is a little misleading though, due to the fact that Kerry only voted on one of the nine issues the ACLU used for the scorecard, while Feingold voted on all nine.

The one vote where Feingold didn't support the ACLU's position was the so-calledBan on Raves. No Senator voted against this bill, and it passed 98-0. Here's the ACLU's precis of the issue:

On April 10, 2003, the Senate passed S. 151 by a vote of 98-0. This legislation included provisions that would unfairly target property owners who host social gatherings such as raves by making them legally responsible for the acts of their patrons. The ACLU opposed this legislation because it contains provisions that threaten free speech and inhibited federal judges' sentencing discretion.

On the other hand, Feingold did support the ACLU position for the other 8 votes, including issues ranging from a woman's right to choose, the redefinition of marriage, travel, government surveilance, media ownership, Guantanamo detainees, and secrecy in the intelligence budget.

Hillary Clinton supported 7 of these positions, Biden 6, Lieberman 5, Bayh 5, and McCain 2.

This is just another of a long list of examples of Russ Feingold fighting for our rights, better and harder than any other '08 hopeful. President Feingold is the cure to 8 years of Resident Bush.