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50 Blogs for Feingold Action Team
“It's time to stand up - not to cheer, but to fight back.”
--Senator Russ Feingold, On Executive Power. (Daily Kos, 2006-02-02)

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Announcing the "50 Blogs for Feingold Patriot Action Team"

Here's something fun and easy we can do to help the good Senator fight the good fight: vigorously participate in on-line activism as a "Patriot Action Team."

As noted in an earlier post, the Progressive Patriots Fund, Russ Feingold's Leadership PAC, has created a pretty cool community action system. We've set up a community therein, hereby christened the "50 Blogs for Feingold Patriot Action Team." (Yes, yes, I know that's a mouthfull, but the only workable acronym I could come up with was M.O.O.N.B.A.T., which seemed counterproductive.)

So, what, not-to-put-too-fine-a-point-on-it, can we do? Well, you're reading a pro-Feingold blog, so you might be interested in clicking the picture and joining in on the current campaigns. There is a petition for Single-Payer (Universal) Healthcare and a (potentially nasty) letter to Bush on his regieme's illegal wiretapping program. Point, click, type, click and you're good to go.

Also, if you have a blog, we'd be thrilled if you could help us spread the word by putting the button on your pages. For the artists out there, I'd be thrilled to make available alternative logos via our free image repository.

To paraphrase Howard: working together, we can make a lot of noise. To further paraphrase Howard: "Yeehaw!"