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50 Blogs for Feingold Action Team
“It's time to stand up - not to cheer, but to fight back.”
--Senator Russ Feingold, On Executive Power. (Daily Kos, 2006-02-02)

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Poll: What do you like most about Russ Feingold

Say you're at a party and the topic turns to the 2008 Presidential elections. What are the 5 things you'd tell your friends first about the Senator? What's the first thing you'd say? What news item originally got you interested in the movement to draft him for President? Why did you click to this post?

It's difficult to condense the experience of following the Senator's battles in Washington into "5-Easy-Bullet-Points", but getting an accurate read of the landscape is important as we roll into close to two years of presidential primaries.

Let us know what you think. Take the poll now.

Here are a few of the items to choose from:
  • Opposed to Iraq War from the beginning
  • Fighting for Universal Health Care, rated 100% by APHA
  • Defender of public educaion, rated 91% by NEA
  • Leader in fight against Bush's Torture Policies
  • Keep Church and State separate: 0% rating by Christian Coalition
  • Introduced bill to censure George W. Bush
  • Fought hard against the Patriot Act
  • Adamant supporter of Fair-Trade, 25% CATO voting record
It's entirely possible that we missed some fairly obvious and significant items on the poll, which is why starting the discussion is so important. After you take the poll, please feel free to give feedback, either here or at the National site.

Your participation is important in our campaign to urge Senator Feingold to run in 2008, so please take a minute to let us know what you think, and take the poll now.